Collection: Refillable Products

Refill your common items like laundry, dish, hand soap, raw ingredients, and cleaners. Please note that we do not ship refills. Refills are for in-store picked up only, with delivery only available to residents of New Westminster, or Burnaby, BC on orders $50+ before tax.

Not all of our refills are on our online store. If you see items you want to order that are in store, but not online, feel free instead to order with the jot form or give us a phone call. The jot form also allows you to order non-refill products you see on the Shopify. Just add them into the notes section and we can let you know in an email if it's available. 

Also, Shopify/online orders will mostly only have bottle deposits. Very few online items will offer upcycled containers. If you want to use your own bottles from home, or use our upcycled containers, in-store only available for this option. 

Our bottle deposits are between $1.50-$2.50 each. Paper bags will cost from $0.10-$0.40. Our bottle deposits are refundable - in store only.